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so this was my first month taking clomid 50mg cd 4-8. I just got a positive opk yesterday but Im worried already. I've had ZERO side effects besides an annoying headache for 5 days. last night and today I've been having ovulation pains but that happens to me even without the clomid. so here are my concerns #1. does the lack of side effects mean its not working??#2. I only have my right fallopian tube and my O pain is ALWAYS on my left (thats where I feel it this time as well).does that mean Im only ovulating on my left every month?? or is it possible to ovulate on one side and feel it on the other?

My doctor is not monitoring me so I have no way of seeing if Im ovulating or on what side. I ws kind of hoping to feel O pain on both sides now that Im on clomid : /





What CD are you on? My only clomid cycle resulted in a super early O, thin lining and cysts. I only knew this because of monitoring.  Is there a reason you aren't being monitored? Too many things can go wrong and you would never know without the ultrasounds.  I have since switched to Femara and have less side effects.  I am still having ultrasounds and wouldn't feel comfortable without. GL. Hope it all works out!

I'm on clomid as well, and never had ovulation pains until I started the medicine. The first cycle I felt it on my left side and ultrasound confirmed that was the side with the dominate follicle. My second cycle however I felt it on my left again and was freaking out thinking my right ovary wasn't working! But during the ultrasound it showed I had two dominant follicles on my right side and none on my left! And now my third cycle I haven't really had any O pains and ultrasound today showed 20mm follicle on my left. Long story short don't count your other ovary out, the pains can be misleading or at least in my case. Good luck :) 

one of the cycles I took clomid I was sure I was ovulating from the left side, which has a closed tubed, but ultrasound showed I had two follicles on the right side and one small follicle on the left side. I also didnt have much side effects, besides extreme dryness down there.

Im on cycle day 16. I have no idea why my doctor isnt monitoring me he basically said to come in of I get pregnant. Im in canada and I've read about other canadian women who were not monitored. maybe its a canadian thing?!?!? lol. Thanks ashley and anon that makes me a little more optimistic as I pretty much counted myself out when I felt the pains on my left. anon, did clomid ever get you a bfp with one working tube?. and I meant to write COME ON RIGHT OVARY DO YOUR JOB! It gets confusing when you only have one fallopian tube lol.

Ive heard ladies say the dr made a comment that if no side effects its not working but I dont believe it. You probably still have a good chance. As for the clomid. I wasnt monitored either when I tried it 5 yrs ago bit I will never donit again. Its torture not knowing if I even responded properly. Also it can cause cysts so before you do anotber round, if needed of course id do a u/s to chexk and make sure all is clear. I had horible side effects bloat upset stomach nausea headach aching boobs thin lining and severe ovary pain on both side. I was terrified I had developed hyperovarian stimulation.  Rushed to the dr. Lucky I was fine. Dr saw something that appeared to be ovulation but they werent who your still in the running! Lucky you only got headaches :-)

One more  .  Thing asmrld, im in the USA and my dr back in the day said thr same thing. Her exact worlds "well call me ifbyou get a positive test" ha whatever. I wasnt monitored for financial reasons. At this clinic u/s was $250 a pop my stupid j surance onky covered one which I wasnt aware of....I dont thinkbthey took me serious. I was 295lb  and lost cause to them anywho. Ive since found a great RE whose not "fat prejudice" im fairly healthy besides being bigger and he had no probkem moving on to femera and iui when I was ready. 

I was just so happy to finally have the doctor give me something that I didnt even think to ask about being monitored. I really wish I could have an ultrasound to see whats going on in there. Its torture not knowing! Im thinking if this cycle doeant work I'll call and ask about monitoring next cycle. My doctor told me to take the clomid for the next four cycles and call if Im pregnant. I am worried that the lack of side effects may mean it didnt work for me. haha, Im always so afraid of side effects, pain, etc..and now I find myself wishing I had them.  my poor hubby thinks Im losing it because i just ovulated today and Im already saying clomid wont work for me and we need to start saving for ivf lol. man, ttc makes people crazy!!

So glad it worked :) yes with clomid I would ask the dr if he could at least get an u/s before the start on subsequent clomids to make sure no cyst. Thats important. With femera some drs are more lenient and dont do baseline checks for cysrs unless im gonna do a ovidrel shot. However they do wanna check cd 12 if nothing else to see response. I will also be checking progesterone 7-8dpo after ever round to make sure I even ovulated and if it is enough. I have a feeling though you wint need to do those 4 cycles fx

Thanks so much mt2sea : ) I will call my doctor about ultrasound if af shows her awful face this month   fx were both ovulating!!!

I'm in Saskatchewan and am not given the opportunity of no monitoring.  My RE requires it every cycle regardless if we are doing IUI or not. All cycle monitoring is covered under our provincial healthcare. If it doesn't work for you this cycle you should look into it:)

With mt2sea about checking for cysts! 

thanks orange cat I will look into it. Im in ontario : )