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clomid side effects 6 dpo??

ok, I believe I am 6 dpo today.

while taking clomid I had ZERO side effects besides a headache that lasted for a few days. I was positive it didnt work for me. So possitive that I was going to ask my doctor for 100mgs next cycle (Im on 50) But.......

4 dpo my ovaries feel like they're burning. It only lasts a few hours but I start to wonder if this is my first side effect : ) Im so excited, does this mean clomid is working for me??                                                 5dpo I have sharp stabbing.pains in my!! this lasts and is super uncomfortable. by 6 pm my ovaries are very sore and going from sitting to standing and vice versa is painful. feels like my ovaries are bruised. I experience my first hot flash in the middle of the night, it actually feels like im on fire and happens two more time during the night.while trying to get back to sleep I remind myself that I WANTED side effects.  : /                       6dpo this morning I wake up and realize the lightning bolt stabbing pain is now in my vagina and butt. now Im worried and its kinda painful. 

Has anyone experienced this or know what it is?I dont want to turn to doctor google on this one because I know its gonna be rectal cancer and herpes lol



Can't relate to some of your symptoms, but I get bad hot flashes on clomid cycles, usually before O. I'm 3 dpo and haven't had it in a week or so. Last month, at 5 dpo, I had terrible pains in my left side. I ended up with a bfp, so it could have been implantation. Unfortunately, it was a CP, but your pains could very well be implantation. Keep us posted!

Thanks AMV. Im really confused as to why Im getting symptoms now and not when I was actually taking the clomid as I already ovulated last week.  maybe Im responding differently? If this continues until tommorrow I will call my doctor as He is not monitoring me this cycle   : /. 

I also had strange pain after ovulation sometimes like stabbing pain on my side. And my ovaries were sore, but that was more around the time of ovulation. Good luck

My symptoms happened only during ovulation. Are you sure you O'd 5/6 days ago? The pain felt like my ovaries were also bruised. Bothered me when I was sitting up. After I ovulated, the pain and tenderness subsided. If the pain is getting too bad, and if your stomach seems bloated and/or you've gained a couple of pounds, you should probably contact your doctor.

thanks girls. Im sure I ovulated at least 6 days ago. I had a positive opk on jan 17 so I probably ovulated on the 19th  which would have been cd 14. no weight gain, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

I had similar symptoms to this! Mainly lots of twinges and cramps after o especially around 8 dpo (implantation I think) plus I had not that much cm and felt very full in my uterus. Got my bfp 11 dpo!

Thanks for the info Joeybunny! congrats on your bfp!!!!  Its just all so confusing lol