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why did I do this????

so... my ovulation tests came with a preg test. Tonight I figured wth I might as well take it since I hate clear blue and want hubby to buy me a better brand when its time to test. so I pee on it, walk away, come back maybe 5 mins later to toss it and I see a faint plus sign???!!?!

so theres two problems with this

#1 This brand is a big fat liar

#2 Im pretty sure Im only 6dpo.

I dont temp but I do use opks. I forgot to use my opk on the 16th and then my opk looked positive on jan 17 and I ran out of them so stopped using them after that. I figured I ovulated on the 19th? so that would put me at 6 or 7 dpo? unless I ovulated earlier?? Omg why am I getting so carried away?? theres no way its real... right?

I tried to upload a pic but the file is too large and when it was resized the line I had to play with the contrast. Its an obvious faint blue line irl.




Hun, these tests always look like that. Negative or positive. Toss it. Give it no emotional power. This test is evil crap.

I know: ( I shouldnt have used it at all. stupid things lol! 

I have never had an evap w/ clear blue. Always a stark white negative. Having said that, if you are 6dpo then you would have no choice but to assume evap... You don't temp though, you could very well have O'd early. I say test again with a more trusty brand in a couple of days? GL!

thanks jenmarie. I'll wait until friday and test with a frer. I will update then  : )

Any update??? I just went back and read your comment on my blog post from December and it seems like our husbands were both gone from the same amount of time. 

hi marisajl. sorry for not replying sooner but ive been trying to avoid anything ttc related. it was a false positive. i dont think clomid is helping me at all. im not being monitored anf am not experiencing any side effets like other women seem to. how are things with you? any luck yet?