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aaand... Im back

hello everyone. i havent been on in a while and i see that the past few months have brought a lot of new ladies onto this site.

so just a quick update, i did 4 rounds of comid and sadly had a bfn at the end of each month. Im dissapointed to say the least but im not giving up yet!!! Im taking a break for the summer to get the crap out of my system (clomid was rough on me) and i would also like to lose some weight.gained 5 pounds per month on clomid =20 pounds ...ugh ....clomid, why did i do this to myself???

for those who dont know my history;

2002 son

2006 miscarriage

2008 daughter

2010 son -died 3 days after birth (full term)

2012 miscarriage

2013 ectopic loss of left tube

My doctor wants to check hubbys swimmers and then possibly other meds. im wondering if maybe i should just skip ahead to ivf?!

im 31 I know Im not old but because of my history im concerned that if we dont do something drastic we may be waiting a looooong time. what are your thoughts ladies??? i hope you are all well and congrats to everyone who got their bfp!!





Hello there, your story sound so tough (and out of all the miscarriages and ectopics, losing a baby after he was born is the hardest!) you sound like a very strong woman. Anyway, I would like to recommend something: since you're already considering IVF, which is a pricey procedure, I think you should try injectables (gonal-f for example.). I know it's different in each woman, but I also had 4 unsuccesful cycles of Clomid (though everything looked great; the lining, the follicles, the hormones, just no pregnancy) and then in the 5th cycle we turned to gonal-f, and it worked on the very first time! As you said, Clomid does some crap to your system, so if you wanna take the summer off I think it's a good call, but when you do come back, and consider your option, definitely consider my offer.  I know on the paper they all work the same; creating follicles, controlling the hormones and causing ovulation, but my Dr. told me that it was proven that Clomid sometimes does some trouble to the quality of the lining, and the quality of the egg while the injectables mimic the body's natural procedures. Either way, good luck!!

Thanks itsmyturnnow.  i havent looked into injectables. we thought for sure the clomid would work. The worste part is my doctor didnt even monitor me while i was on it so i dont even know if i was ovulating on the right side.we know im ovulating but i need my right ovary to produce eggs and  judging by my O pains im only ovulating on my left side... but who knows since i wasnt monitored.  I will absolutley do some reading up onthe injectables. I live in ontario canada and the government is promising 1 free round of ivf (1 embryo) for people struggling with infertility.its supposed to start  this year. if not my husbands insurance covers up to $6,000  of fertility treatments once in a lifetime. either way, I am hell bent on conceiving this year! I've waited sooo long to be able to finally bring home a baby!  but yes, i am taking the summer off. this extra clomid weight isnt going to help my chances of conceiving.