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Queation for those who have had early mc

at 5w4d I am sad to say that it was confirmed that I had an early miscarriage. It was heart breaking after trying for so long and this being my 5th iui. DH and I have decided that we want to try again right away and yesterday the clinic confirmed my beta is back to 0. I stopped bleeding 2days ago with just light spotting yesterday. How long after you mc did your next cycle start. My cycles are usually around 25 days and just wondering if this will be normal with it being so early or if af will be delayed. Good luck all! 


I think it's different for everyone, for me, ovulation was delayed a week every time 

After my first mc I had my first AF 28 days later. After my 2nd it was 31 days. I don't believe I O'd after either of them. I geared up to O but dont think I really did. 

thanks for the info. We will be going for iui #6 once my next cycle starts so just trying to refocus and prepare myself for that next step. It crazy how once you have a mc you learn how many people out there have been where you are. A lot more common than one would have thought. Good luck to both of you!

my cycles are also 25 days! After my early miscarriage, my period started 31 days later and this is my first cycle after. Dr confirmed everything is perfect this cycle, I did ovulate, and am now 7 DPO!! Good luck!

thanks Rogers and good luck to you  too

I'm sorry for your loss ((hugs)).  For my first two, it was delayed for 2 weeks.  But this past one that I had last cycle, af came pretty much on time once I stopped the progesterone, but I ended up ovulating a week later than usual. I think it also depends on how far long you are.  The first two I was 6 and 5.5 weeks, this past one I had just gotten a positive when the numbers started to drop, so right at about 4-4.5 weeks.