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Focusing on the positive and moving forward

So today i had my follow up with my RE after my miscarriage just about 2 weeks ago. We looked over my ultrasound results and found my lining was a little on the thin side. 7 is ideal and I was at 6.3. We decided we will stick with the 100mg clomid monitoring and trigger since it got me a bfp last cycle but I told her to note in my file that if I show a lining that is not ideal to cancel my cycle. There is no way of knowing if that was the cause of my mc but I would rather be safe than go through that again. I actually think I am ov right now as I have had pains on my left side and ewcm so I am hoping that means in about 2weeks my new cycle will start and we can try again. I am devastated that my first bfp  ended the way it did but I am taking the fact that I got pg as a good sign that this will work and moving forward with my angel baby watching over me. Good luck ladies here to bfp's all around this cycle. I wish I could hand them out like Halloween candy.


Hi hopefullu, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I've also had a few losses, one on a clomid cycle. Just wanted to chime in and let you know there are options to help with lining if your RE sees it's a little on the thin side. I find that drinking Red Raspberry Leaf has dramatically helped me when Clomid thins me out. Also, your RE could perscribe you with estrogen suppositories. They are not fun to take but if it will help with lining so you don't have to cancel a cycle then I'd say it's worth thinking/asking about. I hope we both get good results this month, I'm also on 100mg this cycle! Cheers

thanks for the info Heather. I am sorry to hear of your losses it is so hard to deal with. Maybe I will try the red  raspberry leaf. This was my second cycle on clomid and the first everything was good. My lining that cycle was 7.1. We are trying this cycle clomid and if it is still thin   we are switching to femera. Hopefully it wont come to that and we will be celebrating bfp with stcky beans very soon. Good luck this cycle!