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Need a liitle hell

Hubby and I cannot pg on our own so while I notice ewcm I don't pay to much attention. On Sept 2 started spotting the next day full on bleed with a confirmed early miscarriage. Cycle is normally  24-27 days so O would usually happen early this week. On Monday I started with pains In my ovaries. I read ov can be more painful/noticable after mc. Monday I also started with ewcm so I figured I was going to o right on time and my cycle would go straight back to normal. It is now Thursday and I am still having pain and ewcn. For you ladies that track this can you tell me please how long your ewcm normally lasts. And you ladies that have had a mc can you tell me if you noticed differences with signs of o in your cycles following. We want to do another iui next cycle so I am just wondering if I can pin point o cause then I can guess when my next cycle will start. Thanks in advance for the info and baby dust to all!    


I couldn't feel ovulation before my mc and still can't feel it to this day (had a mc 3 months ago). I do use OPKs tho and I've noticed that every cycle so far post mc I get +'s on different cycle days even though my cycles are still pretty regular. Can't help with the cm question cause I produce very little to none EWCM. Good luck!