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Need answers .( sorry for TMI in advance)

Hi ladies, so this maybe a little TMI but I'm just curious so I have to ask. Me and fiance tried something different far as sex positions and I basically was on top the whole entire time (I'm so sorry TMI). After we bd, I laid there for about 30mins until I had to pee and most of his little buddies comes running out of me. (TMI sorry). So now I like to know if anybody ever got pregnant from an experience close to my situation? 


First of all, cool of you to try new positions. Keep things interesting :) Second of all, Doctors are almost 100% certain that laying after bd doesn't really help saving the sperm or helping is along...  When the male shoots his sparm he doesn't shoots it to the opening and lets gravity do its course; He shoots it pretty deep in, and from there on the little swimmers do what they're best at - swimming... What you may have seen when you went to the bathroom is the liquid that the sperm is originaly in, but after good 30 minutes it's mostly just empty fluid as all the viable sperms are already on their way. (But I would say again - you can go to the bathroom even right after the bd, remember! there are different... holes involved in the process)  I myself, as bad as I wanted it happen, and as hard as I was willing to try, had a towel beside my bed which I use to wipe out as much as I can after the bd (My doctor assured me it didn't matter!) It's one of the phases in TTC (this, and the 2ww) that leave us feeling out of control because such a huge thing is determined at that time but there's really nothing we can do to make it happen if the universe decides otherwise (Damn you universe!!) Goodluck girl!!

Thank you so much. I had no clue about the process and empty fluid. Learn something everyday :) thank again and GL to you too