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looking for opinions

As you may have read I recently went through my 5th iui which ended with an early mc at 5w4d. We have been given the all clear to start trying again right away and are going to have our 6th iui next cycle. With my very first iui I decided not to tell anyone except my mum (who was on vacation at the time) and found it very hard without support. Since then we have been very open with my family and the support has been great. After getting our bfp we told those that know we are trying cause with there being a few cycle they know the time line. With having to tell about bfp means we have to tell about mc which was so hard.

Now moving onto attempt number 6 I am torn if I should share where we are at. I know my family would support either decision I make but I just don't know what is right for this attempt. Maybe I am just looking for things to over think.

Do you ladies share or keep it with just you and dh? What made you make the choice you did? 




We did not share with anybody that we were TTC but we did share our BFP almost right away with our families. They were all extremely happy for us. I then had a MMC and obviously had to share that as well. Unfortunately I did not receive the support I needed when I learned the baby had stopped growing nor when I was having the actual miscarriage. My DH was the only one who understood and was there for me. Because of that I've decided that if/when I get pregnant again I won't share it till I start showing and can't hide it no more. I know it sounds kinda extreme and my mom will probably get offended when she learns I hid the first half of my pregnancy from her but it's what feels right for me. I would hate to share another BFP and then maybe have another mc and go through the same experience I went through last time. I think DH and I will be able to manage it on our own just fine. We'll see how it goes... but I guess the point is, I can't tell you what's right or not in this kind of situation but my advice would be to do whatever feels right to you. good luck and baby dust :)

thank you for answering. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It is so hard. DH was great with me but I felt like everyone else didn't know what to say/do. I cannot say they did not support me just were not sure how. I guess I will just go with the flow and see how I am feeling once the clomid and ultrasounds start. Good luck to you