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Supposed miscarriage but BFP 2 weeks later!


Ok so 2 years after a miscarriage I finally got a BFP.  It was totally unexpected, but I’ll do another blog about that one.  2 words Dong Quai.  If you miscarried and haven’t been able to conceive then you still have tissue in your uterus.  If your uterus doesn’t fully empty then you won’t get pregnant.  Taking dong quai will cleanse your uterus.  I also took Vitamin C along with the dong quai.  Some people use this to cause a miscarriage, but I used it to cause contractions in my uterus and when my period came it fully emptied it.  Therefore, cleansing it.  I took it for one week then another week through my period and then another week, then stopped.  Then I got my BFP after trying for 2 weeks after a miscarriage.  So September 23rd I was getting cramps and feeling very pms’y.  I thought my period is coming anytime now.  I thought why not just take a prego test.  I took the old digital one that tells you how many weeks you are.  It took awhile while I showered, then when I checked it, it said, “pregnant 1-2 weeks”.  I was shocked.  I called my DH in the bathroom and he too was surprised.  I took an EPT and got a faint line so we told friends and family.  Then a couple days later I was feeling really stressed at work.  Then cold.  I felt this the last time I had a miscarriage.  Feeling extremely cold.  So I took another digital but they don’t sell the kind that gives you the weeks anymore and low and behold it said, “not pregnant”.  I was so upset.  I started spotting, then going through the miscarriage.  So on September 30th I was bleeding heavily and passing clots.  I called in sick to work for 2 days because the cramps and pain were bad and I also felt depressed.  My work called on the second day asking for a doctor’s note (total jerks) so I knew I had to go into Urgent Care.  So I went in and the doctor said my hcg level was 19.  She wanted to do a papsmear.  I really don’t know why, but she wanted to.  So she put the clamp in me and as she was click clicking it hurt so bad I yelped and started bawling.  I told her it hurt really bad and she said I was passing a large tissue.  She said I was not done miscarrying.  She said I was not done at all.  She wanted me to go in for an ultrasound at an obgyn’s office but all offices were booked.  I just wanted my doctor’s note for work and I left.  I passed more clots and bled for about 2 more weeks.  During the time of the miscarriage DH and I did not have sex.  I wanted to clear everything out before we resumed.  Around October 15th I started having very sore breasts (pregnant sore breasts feeling).  I thought wow my hormones are wacky I usually get this sore only when I’m pregnant.  I took advil but it didn’t help.  Then on October 18th I had pain on my side, like my ovary area or side stich.  I couldn’t tell but it was naggy.  I thought I was ovulating so I went home and took an ovulation stick test and threw in a prego stick test in the small urine cup too. Low and behold both were positive but the prego test was 2 dark lines, the ovulation was medium faint.  So I busted out 2 dollar store prego tests and right away 2 dark lines on both.  I showed DH and he said it had to be left over tissue.  I was in shock and I believe he was too.  So the next day I call the obgyn’s office and they too were in disbelief.  They asked me to go to a lab and give my blood so they can see what my hcg level was.  My hcg level was 3510, nurse said I was 5-6 weeks prego.  Can you believe that?!  They asked if it was a new pregnancy since my levels were at 19 on October 2nd when I went to urgent care.  I said, it couldn’t be a new pregnancy because I haven’t had sex since September before the miscarriage.  She said it could have been a twin and I miscarried a twin.  She said I was pregnant and they will know the exact weeks when I go in for the earliest appointment on November 3rd.  Ugh I have to wait until then.  But I am thrilled!!!!  Has this happened to anyone?  Thanks for reading J       



I don't want to rain on your parade (or scare you unnecessarily), but this happened to my SIL last year. Turned out, there was retained placental tissue that was still chugging out hcg. 6wks after her DnC, her hcg levels were over 10,000, and she started hemorrhaging. She almost bled out--my brother found her passed out on the floor of the bathroom in a pool of blood. She had to have another emergency DnC to clear it out all the remaining tissue. Hopefully for your sake, it was a lost twin (that actually happened to that same SIL's mother--she MC'd a twin, and didn't realize she was still pregnant until several weeks later). But, other options could be retained tissue or even an ectopic. I would really push your doctor to get you in for your u/s sooner rather than later (maybe even go to the ER if you have to).  At this point (by 6wks), the sac, fetal pole and possibly even the HB would be visible by u/s, so it should be easy to determine if you are carrying a viable embryo/pregnancy. However, the longer you go with either of the latter two possibilities would not be good for you... GL, hun. I hope it will all be good news for you.

Congratulations! Happy & healthy 9 mos.

I don't want to be a downer or anything, but something just like this happened to me two months ago and it was an ectopic pregnancy (I also still had high HCG levels indicating pregnancy). Best of luck to you and I hope that you are truly pregnant!!!

      I went to the ER with ovarian pain on my left side.  They said I had a 6cm cyst on my ovary.  The doctor said I had an early pregnancy, no heartbeat yet.  He said sometimes the cysts helps the pregnancy since the ovary produces progesterone in the first trimester then in the 2nd trimester the placenta takes over.  He told me to take Tylenol for the pain.  I know a natural cure is 1 Tbls. unsulphured black strap molasses and 1 Tbls. acv in 4 ounce water; before breakfast and before dinner.  Today is Monday and the pain is gone, but I still feel it slightly, but the pain is gone.  I will keep this natural regimen up and hope for the best at my first obgyn appointment on 11/3. I’ll keep you updated J     

That was 2 years ago wow! It ended up there was a sack only. So it was a missed miscarriage. About 2 weeks later I miscarried the sac. I have still been ttcing since. Good luck all :)