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Giving this another shot

Hello ladies, its been a while since i have been on here. Im still not pregnant but im willing to try things out so that i can be. I have already tried OPKs, preseed (which did not work for us) fertility massages, maca root, prenatals, mucinex or cough medicine, and even pineapple juice to strengthen the lining uterus. I thought about using the soft cup but too afraid i cant get it out. Me nd DF took a break from trying si we could basically stop stressing and enjoy each other. Thought we should try one more time. Im on cd 7 and i will purchase my opk again tonight to track my ovualtion. Is there anything I should start doing to help me get pregnant?


Maybe try a baby aspirin a day also rasberry leaf tea. I was on both and some other vitamins and got a bfp. ;)

Have you tried temping?  Some times OPK's aren't that reliable.

Thats a great idea what should i use for temping with the right one

I would recommend temping!!  We started temping this month (our 5th cycle) and realized that I am O'ing later than I realized!  Even with the OPK, we only knew when to expect it, not when it actually happened and had stopped BD'ing the previous four months TOO EARLY!!  Crossing our fingers that this is our month.  I hope it works for you too.  

Thank you mittle

Thanks mittelschmerz. Yea those opks kind of confuses me. Sometimes it will say that i ovulated days after. The only way i know for sure i ovulated is the cramps i have with it. Definitely will keep yall posted. Fingers crossed for all of us 

Also, I would suggest doing it vaginal.. A lot of people sleep with their mouth open, and can cause inaccurate readings.  You're supposed to temp the same time every morning.  Good luck!