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9th day of my cycle

Hi ladies so i bought me a basal thermometer so i can start temping. Do anyone know whats they best way to temp to get accurate results? I also need a cycle buddy im on my 9th day of my cycle and need some encouragment along the way lol. I wish everybody good luck 


Hi,  The best way to make sure  you get accurate results is to take your temp at the same time every morning before you get out of bed or do anything else.   I am on cycle day 5 now. Good luck! 

I set my alarm to take my temp.  I hate it.  lol  But it really helps.  I am on the same CD as you!!  Buddy?  When is your test date?  Length of luteal phase average?

 Thank you tarah. Good luck to u too. Yay buddies :) This morning i temped and it came to 96.9 so far. My luteral phase is 15. Im not sure about my test day yet but i will definitely keep yall posted. So far i know i am 6 days away from the big O but i will still temp and use my opk just to make sure. How about you mittleschmerz