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I think there are trolls on this website. They won't even read the stories on am I pregnant, they'll just hit no to hurt you. I know some people who would do that if they knew about this site so all I can say is take everything lightly on this site because some people take joy in preying on the hopeful


Yes there are I won't post a yes or no question on here I just like to blog to get my anxiety out.

I used to get the same feeling. I'd post and list a longer question with legitimate symptoms and always get no. But someone would post I'm tired and have a headache am I pregnant and get yes. I'm so mad I never actually did ask and list my symptoms when I DID get pregnant to see hats the responses would be. Hang in there. You can find some good people and support here. 

^^^^^ perfect example of a troll geez 

I know it's ridiculous they have no shame