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Can't sleep

it is not yet confirmed that I am pregnant but the past two nights I have not been able to sleep. And when I lay down to go to sleep I can't because I'm burning up. Yes it's warm out but that shouldnt be affecting me right now. I use a certain blanket in the summer and I had to get it out already. And I'm down to a cami and underwear. I should not be hot. Time to change to Cotten sheets or something other than these flannel. Ugh. And then I wake up with the sun every day and I'm not a morning person yet. 


thats been happening to me, ive been constantly clammy or super hot....i am sleeping great though and tired, having really sexual dreams for some reasn! cd 41 tomorrow still no af! fingers crossed  

ive been really warm too on and off! day time im cold and at night burning up!

were in the same boat starnbabycrazy. Today is cd 41, tested and got a bfn. No af either. I know I just got off bcp so that could be screwing it up but I know when O was and my bf and I did the bd the day before so idk. Going to the doc in 2 weeks if af doesn't show

im cold during the day too except for yesterday because I was outside in the sun all day