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Something weird is happening

so today as I was getting ready for work I felt this odd sensation in my uterin area. It was like cramping but it wasn't painful, I could just feel it. Occasionally it'd go out to rught inside my hip bones then it be back in the lower part of my abdomen. It wasn't consistent or distracting really, only felt it when I wasn't moving. I just didn't know if anybody had any ideas to it or not. No af since feb 5 period. Bd'd day before O I believe. multiple bfns on hpts. No blood test yet


And I'm pretty sure it wasn't gas because I feel that now and it wasn't anything liie it

I do not mean to be rude and hoping you do not take it that way since you have been rude to others in the past on here, but you have said in several of your posts that you intend to go to the doctor if your af doesn't arrive by "x" date. If you keep getting multiple bfns then please stop wasting time and get a blood test done. If you are in fact pregnant and not showing on hpts it is crucial that you start getting the necessary care. If you are not pregnant your dr can atleast help you determine what is wrong and give you a simple shot to start your period. I wish you the best of luck on your journey but having read most of your posts I would think you would have already had a blood test done, I am not sure why you keep delaying. 

i have been rude? I haven't meant to be if I have. I've only been on this site for a month and commented on others posts once or twice. I surely do not mean to be harsh to anyone. And I know I shouldn't be delaying. idk why I am

i had seen on some other posts you had (maybe they gor deleted) that others had tried to help and offer you suggestions and you got quite upset. I honestly did not mean any harm by it I promise! It's hard to communicate on the Internet! I am simply just concerned that if you are pregnant you would be almost 10+ weeks by now and would need to start receiving care ASAP. My husband and I struggled for 6 years to conceive our second and I had so many months where I was dead convinced I was pregnant but i wasn't, but I can say getting better a blood test to help confirm or deny gave me major peace of mind so I knew where we stood in our ttc journey. Good luck and baby dust :) 

(Margaret, you may have mama confused for someone my name and then click on the "track" tab above my username, check the blog 2nd from the top and maybe that is who you were thinking of? I don't believe I've ever seen mama get disrespectful here) Mama, I believe those weird sensations you were feeling could possibly have been o pains.. Your description is close to how I would describe what they feel like for myself. I would mark two weeks from the 14th and if af doesn't show by then definitely get a blood test to see if you've oed at all and if not I'd ask about a supplement to get af started. long cycles can happen here and there during the ttc process, but the extra time waiting to o can be quite frustrating unless you're bbt charting BC everything becomes so unpredictable, so it puts more stress on you, which is no good for ttc and what you want to avoid as much as possible! Have you bded lately if those were indeed opains? Good luck either way!  

thanks, I thought she might have me confused because I pride myself in being nice, esp to people I don't know and are going thru what could be a trying journey.  i just came off birth control at the beginning of 2016 and I know that can have an affect on my cycles. But I had another period a month after my last pack of pills and I was pretty sure I ovulated two weeks after so thought I'd get my period or a BFP because we bd'd the day before O. but the last couple days I've been cramping and emotional, like almost crying at nothing and super grumpy at other times so I think af is coming. I'm gonna schedule an appointment for as soon as I can on Monday so if af does come, I can cancel it but if it doesn't, I can see what's going on