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Started taking BCP at a young age for irregular periods. Took my last pill around the end of December, had my 5 days withdrawel bleed Janurary 3rd and my first regular 5 day period February 5th. I've yet to have another period since. The boyfriend and I haven't been using any other kind of protection since then. And we've done the deed on February 18th and April 19th. I have a doctors appointment coming up on May 2nd so I will know then for sure what's going on with mo periods. I have taken pregnancy tests but they've all come up negative. 


IV had a similar issue, started ocp at young age and my periods were very irregular maby 4 a year after I stopped. My doctor started me on progesterone for 5 days to help re start my period and had me use ovulation tests to see if I ovulated after the treatment. I did not so the next cycle did the same thing took progesterone had with drawk bleed andcwas started on clomid. I'm in my second round of clomid now and I did ovulate last cycle with it but unfortunately had a chemical pregnancy. Hoping this cycle it works and sticks. Best of luck to you!