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im curious

Hello ladies, so me and my df have been TTC for the last 3 years. We took a break in November of last year due to his surgery. We tried again this month in may and I have been feeling sick afterwards. Caught the worst cold on my weekend off :( I haven't had any symptom lately. No cm but I have been tired and my left chest is kinda sore for some reason. I got curious and took two pg test last night which was bfn. I took one this morning and within 3 mins I see a faint line which looks like a evap line. The test I took was the first response curve 6 days sooner test. Today makes 6 days until AF. Do anyone know if those test are reliable?


sore boobs are sign of PMS too. i am on dpo 4 too. no signs for me yet. but i am trying to think positive. My suggestion would be to wait until you pass the AF date and then do a HPT.

With mine I used first response and clear blue and did not get a bfp til the day after af was due. But before that I got faint positives on the cheap Walmart tests. I knew they weren't Evaps cause they had color to it. good luck!