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Okay maybe not about pregnancy

this post isn't really about whether I'm pregnant or not but it's a question about my menstrual cycle, or lack there of. Every so often, it seems like once a month, I get very hormoral and emotional but I don't get cramps or bleeding or anything like that. It's just all hormones. Like I get super cranky, really irritable and i cry a lot. I'm not having my period like I should be after stopping bcp at the beginning of the year. The last time I had it was when I went to the dr and she put me on a pill for 10 days to make me have a period. That was May. I haven't had it since. Didnt know if anybody has any opinions or anything about a hormone period but not a physical one. Thanks. 


Some people get these symptoms around ovulation, so it's possible that's the case for you, but I can't say for certain. As far as having irregular cycles, I would recommend some natural options to regulate: FertiliTea, FertilAid, diet/exercise, etc. Good luck!