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Feeling Defeated

As of today we are 10dpiui - so of course I took a HPT this morning. Clear as day negative. With my son I had a positive by now and I'm starting to feel like we will never have another kiddo.

I just really hate that we need professional help to get pregnant. Why can't we be those people who just say the word pregnant and then they are? Why do we have to deal with complications and all the shitty 'what ifs'. Why can't we be the high school girl who has sex once and ends up pregnant? Ugh we are in our early 30's needing to use meds and donor sperm to make things happen.

Feeling so defeated, annoyed, pissed, sad - you name it I'm feeling it.


I'm sorry, Sissy. It's early yet, but I understand your frustration and that lingering possibility of defeat. Are you guys planning another iui beyond this if it doesn't work out? I wish we had the answers to all the big WHYs... :( Sending hugs and happier thoughts...

I understand, and I'm really sorry. We went to extreme fertility measures to get pregnant with our twins. We talk all time about a little miracle but it probably isnt in the cards for us due to fertility issues on both sides. I wish it were that easy! Sending good vibes, its still early! 

@Spazzle-thank you! We have one more chance in December if this doesn't work. Then my insurance changes and we need to find a new clinic and beg them to do what we want. I changed jobs at the beginning of this year and we were told we couldn't use our fertility clinic which I LOVED because of insurance. And now the insura company has is no longer going to be accepted  the clinic we were told we had to go to. We have an appointment with our old clinic in 12/12 just to get back into their schedule. But we will go one more round with the current people.. It's a complete mess :(  

Thank you, I know it's still early and I am trying not to get too discouranged but I just have a feeling that we missed it again. What did you guys do for your twins?

Prayers for you.