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Last time with this clinic


Well we are in yet another two week wait, had our third IUI on Friday morning with this clinic. Our insurance is being dropped from the fertility clinic so if this doesn't work in January we will be going back to our old clinic (conceived our son after 4 IUIs w/meds). I have mixed feelings about it, I really do not like the clinic we were forced to go to they screwed up my meds twice and I almost didn't get enough clomid this last round. The doctor doesn't have the nicest bedside manner and is more of a get in, get out, get on with her day. 

I honestly didn't think we were going to have an issue getting pregnant again, I mean it's happened once before (not that long ago) my body knows what it should be doing and we have a little science on our side. But still nothing. I go in next week for progesterone tests and then a beta on January 2. I will be POAS before then because that's just me and I don't enjoy the waiting. 

Anyways, I'm happy to be going back to our old clinic we absolutely LOVE them! But I'm also hoping that we don't have to go back and that we are successful this round. 


Hoping you don't have to go back too because you get a bfp! have poas yet?!