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UGH.....this seems like the LONGEST TWW ever! I feel like going through all of this crap a second time for baby number two is taking longer and longer than the first time around :) 

So yesterday (11dpiui) in the afternoon I took a Wondfo HPT - negative. I'm trying to tell myself that it's still a little early, AF isn't due to show up until January 2 (also the day I'm supposed to go in for a scheduled beta test at the fretility clinic) which I'm sure that I will be canceling due to AF never being late and always showing up on time. 

Am I kidding myself in hoping that it's too early to test and get an actual positive? When I was pregnant with my son it took 4 IUIs with meds and a positive FRER 11dpiui. I have ZERO symptoms and am just ready to be officiall out so I can focus on next cycle. 

I know that sounds bad and that I'm tossing in the towel but really with all the science and meds I feel like it should have happened sooner the second time around. I did 150mg Clomid and a trigger shot, IUI was done on 12/16 @ 10:00am....I'm just getting upset and depressed that this isn't working, I'm not getting any younger and buying sperm each month is not cheap (oh an not covered by insuance). Since the hubby can't have kids we are donor users, nice thing is that (God willing he doesn't run out) we can hopefully have a biological sibling for my son. 

Just tired of waiting.......