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Clomid BFN

Just looking for some ladies in the same situation. Wondering what you're doing next, what you've done, etc. 

My DH and I have been TTC for 7 months now. We have gone through 3 failed rounds of 50 mg of Clomid, AF arrived this morning. 

I am feeling defeated, upset, and lost. I have been told I have very mild PCOS, so things might be difficult.

What do I do next? 

I've been following this blog for my entire journey, thank you for all your support.

Baby dust to you all. 


Have you mentioned upping your dosage?? I'm seeing a lot of women getting pregnant on 100 mg of Clomid. AFM I've been ttc for over 4 years...mild PCOS and a prolactinoma (pituitary brain tumor that release the hormone prolactin which tells your body not to ovulate) have had the prolactin under control now for 6 months and just finished round one of Clomid(waiting to O now) prayerfully it will work the first month but if not my doctor is wanting me to skip a month then go to 100mg. I may decline to skip and go straight to 100...also have you tried Mucinex or Robitussin to help with your cm? A lot of people report getting their BFP while using one of those in conjunction with the Clomid...feel free to message me

So this is what worked for me to get my BFP first round on 50 mg... I took baby aspirin and this dollar tree mucus relief the same time I took the clomid, I took my dose at night! Another thing is I used the line ovulation test as well as the clue nlue digital to go along with it just in case I had any doubts on reading the lines...also when I got the blinking face we bd that day twice the day i ovulated twice and the day after twice...every time we bd I used conceiv plus lube from eBay...and bam 11dpo got my BFP blood work to confirm af 13dpo my suggestion would be take 100 mg you can take 2 50 mg at the same time for the 100 mg instead paying for new pills....I hope you get your BFP soon :) 

Thanks ladies for your advice! I am ovulating with just 50 mg, but baby aspirin and robitussin? Definitely something to try, I feel like I've tried everythin! So thank you. 

Good luck to you both! Baby dust

HI there - I'm on my 4th round of 150mg/day of Clomid. I would ask them to up your dosage and see if that helps. Are your ovaries responding well to the meds? Even on 150 I still only get two small follies that are anywhere from 16mm to 21mm. Along with Clomid I'm also taking a baby aspirin, prenatal vitamin, extra folic acid, vitamin D. I just triggered yesterday and will go in for another IUI tomorrow morning.

Chat with your doctor about it and see if they will change up your meds J