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2WW buddy?

It'a time for the dreaded wait! I think I ovulated either Thursday or Friday (It's hard to tell because I got a positive OPK Wednesday-Friday.) Anyone out there in the same time frame? Me and my DH are super confident this cycle!!! Praying for a BFP, but most importantly God's will! 


I'm still waiting to O but good luck and lots of baby dust hon!!!

Hi! I have almost exactly the same time-frame as you, I got my positive opk on Friday and its been positive for 3 days, so we are also in the 2 week wait now!! :D would love to keep you company!! 

yay!!! Wishing you the best of luck!!! 

I think I OV on either Thursday or Friday, I don't do O testing but have a super regular cycle. when would your af be due kaykays? Lots of baby dust!! X

Around January 19th! Im a little worried now though because I have had positive OPKs for the past 5 days... I might be reading them wrong though because sometimes they are a little tricky to decipher! 

I don't know much about OPKs but I think it could just mean its taking a little longer to release the egg? Stress can be a cause apparently so try not to worry :) :)

My AF is dues around the 20th :) feels like its ages away, doesn't it!!


Good luck everyone!! We arent doing opks or anything like that but we dtd around O time this weekend so we'll see what happens. We have 1 yr old twins and are ntnp after years of infertility and a few ivf cycles  to conceive them. We're too scared to jump back into the ttc world completely, but hopefully that we'll be blessed with another miracle someday. 

I think I ovulated on Tuesday so I'm also kind of close! Good luck! 

I didnt test it this time, cause my cycle is all mess up. 3# TTC. The last two times I felt like had two chemicals made my cycle last 23 days I even saw a faint positive on 9 dpo but nothing after that. I thought nothing would happen this time but felt the classic sharp pain on my left side friday and Saturday and also happened on my 16-17 on a 28 day cycle. So I dont know. Although this time was not planned hope would be my time. 

af due for me on 20th too! i don't get any of these "physical" symptoms when OV so I could just be taking a stab in the dark for all I know! X