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decided to stop stressing this month as well

didnt even get a chance in this cycle becuz we were not syncing with time and stress. so instead of worring about making a baby we decided to join a gym and get fit. im hoping this will be a life change that sticks. We also took out food from the fridge and cupboards that was expired and bought new and healthy stuff. im hoping when the "feel good" kicks in from working out and eating healthy baby making will resume and be a ton more fun. i wont be stressed about if im not eating right or be able to keep up with a toddler becuz i have been feeling like im ten yrs older than i am. joining the gym wasnt a new yrs resolution, we never used those words when deciding to go, we wanted to make this change in our life for a while and took advantage of the new year enrollment price. i didnt want to make it a resolution cuz i really want it to stick.

*feeling good mentally, now shooting for physically*


That's really the right way to be thinking while going through the tumultuous TTC proces!!! Thanks for your positive's much needed on my end!


TTC #1 for 4 1/2 years =[



I became a fitness and nutrition coach because of our TCC journey, Which has lead us to need fertility help. But with all the meds the weight just piled on. I am LOVING life now that I am eating better, working out and just all around imporving my life. 

My fingers are crossed for you that eliminating this stress brings on the baby dust!