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Finally started our IVF journey

I haven't been on here for a while ladies, however I am back with a bang. Last time I updated I was going through my ovarian and uterine cancer battle which June of last year I was granted the gift of remission. It was a long wait but finally I have been able to get the go ahead with starting our IVF treatment. 

Clinic did a random start on me as my body was still out of wack with the meds I was on to treat my Cancer. I am currently at 7 days of Stims and yesterday they started me on Orgalutron I beleive its called. 

My husband and I basically only have one shot because my oncologist fears the return of cancer cells in my uterine lining. I am just crossing my fingers this all works. IVF does take its toll, all the injections, the headaches, the travel down to the clinic in this horendous weather. 

Please God if its just one baby you give us we would be the happiest parents in the world. 




Sending prayers your way!!!!! And congrats on the remission that's awesome!