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* this was yesterday, but TTW site was down* 


I've been TTC with my partner and we've been really trying to time the moments, anyway since DTD, I've been going through a pack on One Step Pregnancy strips like a tub of pringles. I bought a pack of 30 on Ebay, been using them for a few months but this current time I've probably gone through 15... so stressful. Some look like there's a line but majority are blank. I'm going out of my mind. AF due possibly tomorrow but I'm not 100% sure only because I'm irregular and my cycle can be from 28 -33 days due to my PCOS, Endometriosis and Adenomyosis but as I've tried my hardest to pin point my OV day which I think was either boxing day or the 28th but either way we DTD over that whole period, I'm confused. Anyone had this with One step? Should I use a regular brand? I've not bought Internet cheapest in the past but I thought I'd try this time as CBs and supermarket brands are costy when doing more that a few.