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HPT Question

Saturday I took a HPT. It appeared negative. I was also half asleep and didn't stick around to verify. I went back to bed and hour later got up and saw test was VERY positive!

After much googling and getting mixed responses.. some sworn it was evaporation line, however MANY saying theirs turned out indeed positive! 

So of course I had to retest. Yesterday morning I attempted again. This time it appeared negative..but the control was very faint? So now I'm wondering if the test was a dud? I compared the two tests and negative line is much more faint than 1st test..

opinions? Anyone else have same/similar exprerience? 


I wouldnt give the first a ton kf thought because it was well after the time limit as well as being a blue dye (known for evaps like that). In the second picture though, it looks like theres a second line there to me, albeit faint. 

i feel like the second test was a dud.. it was such a faint grey line!? I've read all over the internet about "Blue Devils" aka blue dye tests.. I'll be getting different ones this weekend and trying again! 

I don't see a second line in the 2nd test! :/

Maybe its just my phone?  I def see it on here. Good luck on a bfp!