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Extra Eyes for Reassurance-OPK test

Hello everyone! I've been using this site for a little while now but just reading everything, never posting. But now I need your eyes! 

This month will be my DH and I 4th cycle TTC. We decided to try the SMEP method this month so I've been using OPKs since cd10. On cd12 I'm pretty sure I got a positive. Line is just as dark as the control line. Only thing is I've never had a positive one this early. So I guess I'm just wanting others input as to if you also think this is positive. 

Thanks in advance!


Looks positive to me! Lots of people have really good luck with SMEP. Hopefully it works for you! 

Thanks BeeCee33! 

I had the same thing happen this morning, I've never had a almost positive this early (CD 11). New Year---New Cycle? LOL! :D