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3 years trying, one fallopian tube removed,  countless negative  tests.... gosh i really thought it was ivf or nothing.  Were supposed to be at our first  ivf appointment in 2 hours! LoL!  


im in total shock. but grinning like an idiot!



That's amazing!!!! Congratulations!

I was reading about your IVF appointment the other day.. so happy for you guys! Congratulations!

YAAAY! Congratulations! So happy for you! <3 


Congratulations!  I'm so happy for you!  I've been reading your posts for over a year now, and I'm so happy to see happy news!!  Yay!

That is so awesome!!!

Amazing! So you conceived on your honeymoon!!?? What an amazing surprise. I read your post when you were giving it one last go on your honeymoon before your IVF appt.. Just so happy for you. 

Also, did you have any symptoms during your TWW? 

scarlet! its SO crazy!! it's incredible. iv also been reading  other peoples blogs for years now too and you  watching  it happen for others after so long is always so exciting for me and always gave me hope when i needed it!  okay girls. symptoms.  so i have a 13 day lp and only gotva bfp on 13dpo exactly on  a cb digital which said 1 to 2 weeks pregnant. everything else up to that day was a stark  negative. not even squinters.  my hubby says he noticed after we came back from honeymoon that i had been inhaling food like no tomorrow... i personally hadnt noticed anything but a slight craving  for chocolate. i guess i should have realised my sitting on the couch with a jar of nutella was not normal.  i never do that. i did the same with the smooth peanut butter and felt really guilty lol. never occured to me it might be pregnancy related.  my last period was January  3rd. i got married on january the 8th...went on honeymoon from jan 14th till 21st of january.   Now, i figured id be midcycle on my honeymoon and ovulating sometime around the 15th to 18th of jan but i wasn't checking or using opks at all. i couldnt even check my cm propery because we were always swimming and so never noticed any ewcm on knickers but just assumed id be fertile that week.  so we just ran with it all relaxed and dtd on  the following cycle days: cd 7, 8, , 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17 and finally cd 21.  only ever did it once a day.  i guessed i ovulated on cd 16 (wednesday jan 18th) I had significant  cramping on 25th the 27th and 29th of january which i noted  in fertility friend. they were  Dpo days 7, 9, and dpo 11.  i started preg testing from cd 23 (dpo 7) all the way through to wednesday 1st feb, and wed 1st feb was the earliest i could get a positive. that was exactly 14 days after i assumed i had ovulated.  so all in all not much in the way of symptoms AT ALL that i couldnt have attributed to any other cycle!