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Due Dates Club and How do i Join

Hi All and Moderators... how do i find my due dates club on this site and how do i join. im looking for other october-Ladies.  Does anyone know? 


If you sign up for the pregnancy and motherhood forum, there is a section for due dates by months.  I've heard from some ladies that the pregnancy boards have been very quiet lately, though! 

Here's a link to the October DDC:

You have to sign up first, then you should be able to see them! The boards are quite quiet. We have quite an active group for September due date and there are some people in the october group, my due date is late September so its likely I'll have an October baby, so I've said hi on there too!! See you there!!!

Our babies will be super close! Hoping to get a due date this Friday or at my next appt <3

Super duper close! YaY!