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Not out of The Scary Woods yet

Hi girls. 

kinda miss all my invisible interweb friends, ya know? ❤

im nervous. something the doctor said when she called this morning. 

at my 2nd hcg test she said to me  it was"in the normal range but on the lower end so we have to monitor it regularly"

I interpret that as "If i could be totally unprofessional  and blunt with you we wanted/expected it to be higher than this at this stage"



please god dont let me miscarry on Valentines day or something awful. 

Can I ask, does anyone know...

Seeing as this level hcg business is calculated using your LMP,  not conception date, aaand i dont know the day I ovulated, AND we got so busy 3 weeks of that cycle month anyway that theres every chance conception could have occurred  anywhere from the 9th of january (cd7 allllllll the way through to the 23rd January (cd21 but i doubt it)

is there any chance that im just running a bit behind due to a later ovulation or something?  what was she hoping the levels to be around? 

seems like im on the low to normal hcg,  and if shes concerned im concerned. 

first hcg cd31 was 102


Second hcg on cd36 was 466

going by this link a friend sent me... im rising normally....have a look if you would. 


I have another draw in 2 days (friday afternoon) and ill get the results on saturday they tell me. Ill post them on here with an update  once i know more. 

fingers crossed. 

naw. ps hubby just came in with The CUTEST friggin teddy bear for me. probs cause iv been in bed freaking out for the past 6 hours






Your HCG looks normal to me.  I wouldn't get worried, but that is very difficult to do.  I remember when I first got pregnant last year, I was worried for WEEKS and WEEKS that something might go wrong, up until the middle of the second trimester, and only then did I allow myself to feel more calm.  I was told that its normal for people who were TTC for a long time to be more "worried" than "excited" for a while.  Try not to read too much into the nurse's words and breathe easy.   I'm so friggin happy for you!  Keep us posted on your progress.  And puff some baby dust my way! :)

thanks scarlet. i really appreciate your words.   actually scarlet  is a name i picked  for a little girl! scarlet Ada Evans!   or Hazel i really like that too.  Jack for a bo  BABY DUST TO YOU BABE!!!!!

Sending prays your way!!