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Well This sucks

Unfortunately it seems this baby is not meant to be. Weve just been told to expect to miscarry this pregnancy in the next week. I am 5 weeks and 4 days.

  My first ever pregnancy. So harsh. 

Dont really have much else to say. Dont know what to expect. Will it hurt really bad? When will it happen?  Will i end up needing a D and C? Will it happen again? How long  will everything take? aaghh So many thoughts and mixed feelings. But staying positive. Have to! theres Always next time. ..


Sending my love to yas all!! Stay positive. keep trying. Never  give Up!


I hate to hear this but the fact that you CAN become pregnant has to be such a huge relief. I'll be thinking of you and pray that it is as painless of a process as possible!

I really don't know what to say.. You are such a strong remarkable woman. I am so so sorry for what you are going through. It's so unfair. Please know that you can find support and love on here any time you need to talk. I am thinking of you and hoping the best of luck to you and your husband.

thanks. yeah it sucks but we're  going to be parents one day and im going to  focus on that. i Am pretty happy to know i can get pregnant and i enjoyed my little dream while it lasted. gotta stay  positive. there's  always a silver lining  and itll make us stronger as a couple. It already  has.  srnding love and baby dust your ways!

Ugh alexandra that totally SUX!  I can't believe it.  Yes, please stay positive.  This is absolutely a good sign that you can get pregnant on your own.  What is your plan?  Are you going to move forward with IVF or try on your own for a while?

yep. as soon as im allowed to we are going straight to ivf embryo transfer xx

So sorry to hear your loss. You wiĺ have period like cramping. I was 6weeks + with my last...see my blog products of mc I posted last year on my page. It will be a heavy bleed dark and likely have the small sacred like a giant clot pass out in toilet or underwear. But I suggest rest and no heavy lifting. Prayers your next will be a success my darling x of course you will be able to conceive again. 1 in every 3 pregs end in mc. My doc said. It's luck of draw. Baby dust to your future bean