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9 DPO & a BFP, anyone?!

Hi everyone, I am new to the TWW and I couldn't be more excited to blog with all you lovelies. I am on our first real month of TTC, technically we have "tried" before, but I didn't track anything and BD'd after ovulation most likely, and never fell pregnant. It'sd always been my dream to become a mother, I am currently a mother to 2 fur babies whom I adore more than anything. 

I am currently on 9 DPO and I think I'm going crazy. I totally want to test but I know it's probably too early. 

My AF is scheduled to come January 21 or 22nd and I ovulated on the 7th of February. I've been having pretty weird symptoms like these sharp pains in the side of my stomach (right side) and had trouble breathing 1-2 DPO whenever I tried to breath in. I also had 1-2 DPO off work due to migraines and on 1-2 DPO, my tempertaure sky rocketed. My doctor said my body seems to be fighting something maybe? 7 DPO I got pretty eggwhite CM and have cramps like no other and been pretty gassy. 8 DPO, I had super bad nausea after eating my sandwhich for lunch, I also couldn't get anymore bloated if I tried, I felt like my stomach was going to explode, also still very gassy. And just 3 days ago, I got this super bad cough and constant scratch in my throat. and it hasn't gone away. I feel like I'm coming down with a cold tbh, anyone else have any of those symptoms? My normal PMS symptoms are pretty similar to pregnancy ones, as my boobs get VERY sore before AF arrives. Currently my nipples are pretty sensitive but no sore boobs. Last night I had pretty bad cramps down my pelvic area which is odd as I normally get there all around my stomach for AF symptoms. And the last symptom that is odd for me is being hungry when I wake up now. My husband was surprised that I've been eating breakfast with him at 6am every morning lately as I NEVER eat before 7am , EVER. 

Hoping anyone can shed some light onto this if they have ever gotten a BFP on 9 DPO? 

Mwah xoxo


I am 8dpo and AF is due on the 22. I have had a lot of similar symptoms but they all seem to have tapered off today except for Nausea and constantly hungry. It is still a little early to test. I would wait until you are at least 11 dpo but keep in mind it could still be neg if you had implantation later in your cycle.

Yeah I have no idea if I had implantation lol just some cramps down in the pelvic area! Still hoping for our BFP's this month!! 

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I am Pregs now.... and got my first faint bfp at 8dpo and slightly darker at 9dpo. By 11dpo it was confirmed. So you're not crazy.