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So having waited until Monday like I was supposed to and tested again. I got my double positive. 

I can't help the angst in worrying as I have multiple hurdles to get over. 

I'm currently 5 +3 weeks and I'm praying I get to 8 and then to 12.

Because of my history my doctor doesn't want to internally scan me or examine me so as to not disturb this pregnancy due to my history of losses. I've been referred for my stitches to maintain the pregnancy and keep my cervix closed but I don't know when that will be.

So getting to that dating scan is feeling like forever and a day and I can't really relax until the suture is done and successful.

Not much symptoms apart from the odd night flushes and extra hungry in the morning. Oh and sleeping multiple times a day while on holiday from work. Not sure if that's due to work or sticky bean. 

I don't feel much different other than exhaustion.

I'm consciously eating healthier taking my pregnancy vitamins and taking the weight off my feet as much as possible. Not much else I can do to help. But...I am tempted to keep testing until my scan and until my surgery date to make sure ìm staying pregs



I totally agree with your doc on not wanting to disturb your cervix. Mine is the same way. I lost the first pregancy at 5 months because we didn't know my cervix was incompetent. Then when I finally got pregant again I had to get the mcdonald's cerclage at 18 weeks I believe. It was just in time too because her little hand was starting to come out of my cervix. Very delicate surgery. From what you have said, you are doing everything you can to keep the pressure off of baby and staying healthy. I know mine ended up being head down from 22 weeks until delivery which was kept at baby by bedrest. I delivered her at 37 weeks.  FX for you that all goes well.  My lil one is 6 years old now and plucky as ever. HUGS

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@Faithrock I was also 23werks when I have early labour first time. Was having routinescan second time at same point when it was all happening again...had emergency cerclage and managed to get to 6days before due date. Had a series of miscarriages since and I'm clutching at straws to make it to my booking appointment in 3weeks time