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9 & 10 DPO

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well!

So from 7 DPO - 9 DPO I had terrible cold symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, cough & sore throat. But I woke up this morning on 10 DPO and they are suddenly just gone. Has anyone who got their BFP ever experienced this?

9 DPO - Last night (02/16/17) I went to sleep at 7:30pm after taking a cold and flu night time tablet and mostly slept through the whole night. There was one point where I jolted out of bed and was wide awake. I took my new puppy outside to pee and had this strange cramping in my stomach, a kind that PMS never gives me. I get HORRIBLE PMS symptoms like cramping and LOTS of acne but my face is glowing! I've never seen my face so nice EXCEPT for this one huge zit and that's it. It's gone down a bit now and going away. I also noticed a lot of veins in my breast area and ALL over my arms while I was changing for bed. During the day I experienced some very light brown/red discharge as I wiped a couple of trips to the washroom. Maybe IB?

10 DPO symptoms: Very hungry, exhausted, mood swings and cramps/sharp pains in stomach. No light brown/red discharge as I wipe yet. 

My DH doesn't want me to take a test until after my AF is due - which is either 21/02/17 or the day after. My AF is normally 1-2 days late every month.