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7 dpo - urinating every hour!

I am 7 dpo and last two days running to pee every hour, and its like i have a full bladder each time, which is very unusual for me. Normally at work i go once all day. Trying desperately to get pregnant. Had this symptom later on with my other two pregnancies but later on in 1st trimester, has anyone else had this so early on?


I had this symptom for the first 5dpo. Had to get out of bed to pee too, this is super uncommon for me. It has now disappeared. I have absolutely no symptoms now and am on 6dpo. 

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The last two days have driven me mad. I might as well if set up my desk at work in the Loo's! Really hard as lots of comments from colleagues as they have noticed and know I'm trying To conceive, but facing them all each month with the negative results is not fun! So worried as I'm 42 next month and the feeling it's never gonna happen is getting stronger!