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Trying-to-Conceive Blog


im back in the land of positivity!  of rainbows and unicorns and lollipops  and..ivf! (hahhaha!) okay  mother nature what ya got for me this time do your worst!

i said Bring it.





Hey! I've been wondering how you are doing!  Keep us updated. Your positivity is infectious! 

Good to see that you are doing alright.  I was looking for your posts this week.  Keep us up-to-date on progress.

My name is Caroline Ahmed from New York,After 6 years of marriage with no child i finally I got pregnant Glory to God almighty my Dear sister am writing to you to share with you what the Iya Hindi Has done, I said to myself that I will testify when the Hindi does this with herbal medicine ,I emailed you for a request of your pregnancy medicine last year after seeing the testimonies of other ladies on your website online I decided t put my faith and come in agreement with you.Your pregnancy medicine and You prayed for me we agreed for me to conceive, Hallelujah!! Yes I did conceive two months after and I am now 4 months pregnant Glory to the Almighty God. I know I will have a smooth and easy delivery him.