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10 DPO and advice needed

Today is 10DPO and my temp is gradually dropping. I had a BFN today. What do you all think--is there any hope? This is our 7th cycle TTC. We have decided if this is not it then we are calling my doctor. Honestly if she won't see me since it hasnt been a year, I will find a doctor who will. What are y'all thoughts on that too? When ahould my DH be checked? I just really need advice right now.... 


I cant comment on BBT as I never tracked, but all I would say is that a year is the point where most doctors will start tests/intervention because its the average time that it takes to concieve naturally.  Although it feels incredibly frustrating (Ive been there) sometimes it just takes a bit of time.  I concieved on my 14 cycle TTC and I did nothing differently, it was just the month.  Saying that, if you can have the basic blood tests done privately before hand to rule out the obvious issues such as not ovulating, that cant hurt.  My friend paid privately for these and discovered she wastn ovulating so took the results to her doctor and they dealt with it immediately (about 6 months ttc).  Just stay positive, the odds are actually against getting pregnant so try not to panic that theres anything wrong. 

Don't stress yet. Now that you've started charting, you'll get a better feel of your cycles. From what you mentioned in previous posts, and with what happened in your first charting cycle (late O, without a lot of BD around it), your timing could have just been off for the first few cycles.  Do you mind me asking your age?  Unless you're over 35, chances are that the timing jsut hasn't been right so far. And remember, even if everything is timed perfectly, you only have a 20% chance of conceiving on any given cycle. That's an average of 5-6 months to get pregnant. That's why doctors usually prefer to wait a while before testing. Charting will give you a leg up. Especially if you chart for a few months and can discuss that information with your doctor. It's amazing how many women think they know what's going on in their bodies and think they've timed everything right, only to learn once they start charting that things weren't quite what they thought. Happened to me. And a friend of mine. I got my BFP on my 3rd month of charting after I learned that O wasn't when I thought it was... Also remember that your chart is just data. The only thing that it can tell you positively is if/when you ovulated. It can't tell you that you are pregnant or not before a test confirms or AF shos. Don't spend a lot of time stressing about a chart. Your body is going to do what it wants/needs to do in its own time, and stressing about it can mess with that process.  Right now your temps are still up, and while they are drifting downward, they haven't dropped below coverline yet. You're not out until AF shows. Some people don't get a +hpt until well after AF is due. I'd give it another 2-3 cycles before talking to your doctor. Hopefully now that you're charting, you'll get a better feel of things.  However, if it will jsut stress you out too much to wait, you can always ask your doctor for a few routine tests to make sure the basics are all good. By the time you get an appointment, you'll paobably have 3-4mo of charting data to discuss. GL

Your chart is still looking great! I didn't read the other comments, so sorry if I'm repeating what anyone else has said. Fertility friend recommends that if you have not gotten pregnant after several cycles of concentrating intercourse during your fertile window, you should consult your doctor. The traditional recommendations for 6 to 12 months are more in reference to people who may not know exactly when they ovulate. If your timing has been good and it's not happening, make sure you let your doctor know that. 

Thank you for all your replies! I am 23 and DH is 24. When I was younger i was told that I had a minor form of endometriosis. This has me worried, but I havent had any doctor since that one say anything about it. I am just struggling right now knowing that it will happen, just not in my timing. I know that God is in control, but I still worry that it is taking too long.. 

UPDATE, my temp is back up at 97.8 today. AF is due today. I had cramps yesterday that were like a slight pulling sensation. BFN this morning. 

Why is AF due today? Your previous cycles have been 30+ days.  Since this is only your second month charting, you don't really know what your LP is yet (last month was a bit funny, so I wouldn't count on a 9-10d LP being what to expect). I'm more inclined to think that you have 2-3 more days before AF (or a BFP) will show. As long as temps stay up and AF stays away, you have a chance. I think your timing has been much better this month. If last month was a good example of your BD timing from the previous 7 months, then I suspect that you were not accurately predicting O and your BD'ing was not optimal.  Now that you're charting and using opks, it should help your timing a lot.

My last cycle was 28 days, and the one before that was 31. Other than that they have not been consistent since last November (2 months after i got off birth control.) I am not sure why FF is saying it. I am CD11 so it looks like my LP is good? Glad there is still hope!