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8th cycle TTC CD4 and Endometriosis

We are now in our 8th cycle TTC and we went to my doctor today because of my heavy and painful periods continuing to get worse. My gyno told me she would treat me and see if I truly do have endometriosis but would not be able to help with fertility. I was diagnosed when I was 15 but there is no evidence in my chart and my MD thinks the doctor at the time just guessed that I had it. She told me that in order to conceive though she would refer me to a fertility specialist. I am not sure I am ready for that yet. I think we will try  give it a few more months. My doctor told me that my heavy and sometimes painful periods could be a sign of endo, but that since my cycles are normal and I am ovulating, I should have nothing to worry about. Does anyone have any success stories with something like this? 


Hi Since my teenage years I was going doctors about my painful periods. Tried different doctors know one took me seriously.  My bosses when I started working didn't believe me either. I only got diagnosed at age 33 by chance while checking to see if my tubes were blocked through laparoscopy. Well my tubes were fine but what a surprise I had endometriosis (not surprising for me) They did not treat my endometriosis I went for IVF straight away. Only to get told I was near menopause,  high fsh and low amh. 1St ivf failed then I get a BFP today!!!!  After 7 years TTC, iam 35  and 1St ivf I only got 2 embryos. My 2nd only 2 again but only one embroy took. So iam living proof it only takes one to get pregnant.  Please just see your fertility specialist see were you stand with your levels.  Don't leave it to late. If you don't want to start ivf cycle., you don't have to its your body. but please just see were you stand for your own peace of mind. :-) x

Every test say I was ovulating,  please listen to your own body you know your own body .  Doctors put me off for years and years. Making me feel mental, telling me they don't think I have endometriosis.  Even though my mum had endometriosis still didn't listen. Don't put up with it!!!!