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Bad Acne and TTC.. HELP!

hey all, I am currently in my 2WW during my 8th (I think) cycle TTC. My acne is SO bad!! I have always had minor acne on my face and back (thanks for the horrible genetics dad) and now it is unmanageable! I am absolutely miserable. I have them on my face, my chest, and my back!! Has anyone else dealt with a similar issue?! Not only do I have to deal with the struggles and challenges that come with TTC, but now I look like a young girl going through puberty. Any help/guidance would be appreciated!!! 


I've always had acne too. I've tried everything and thought it will be gone at some point when I become an adult. It's not as bad now as it was a few months ago. Late last year I started taking vitex and my skin cleared up by the second month. By the fourth or fifth? month it got really bad. Like, the worst. So I stopped taking vitex and weirdly my face got better eventually. But it could possibly be the tea tree oil that I experimented on that made it worse not the vitex. What I'd recommend is avoiding dairy (must) and minimizing sugars and carbs. Washing your face (and other acne prone areas) with a mild oil-free cleanser only twice a day. They say cut the caffeine but I can't do that. And drink more water than you usually do. I hate it that our skin care options are limited because we're TTC so I feel ya.