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Could I be?!?!

i am a day late and had a .1 temp rise. I didn't temp the 2 days before AF was due because I went tent camping with family. I have had minor cramping, headaches, and higher sex drive... what do y'all think?? I had negative tests yesterday and this morning... 


As long as temps are up, it could be possible. Why don't you take a test?  Those 2 flatlined temps  at CD26/27 could be a promising sign (there were several women in my DDC with flatlined temps for 2-4d prior to a BFP).  As you've probably seen from my responses in the past, I tend to err on the side of caution. I do think it's possible that O for you could have been on CD22 since it's rare to O on the same day as the first +opk and then still have positive test after O. In that case, you'd only be 9dpo today rather than 13dpo, BUT.... those flatlined temps would still be in a possible implatnation range even with a later O day.  And since the second day of flat temps was 5d ago, if those temps were associated with implantation, you should have enough hcg in your system to test positive by now. I say take a test.  This is the most promising chart you've had so far. GL

My tests the past 2 days have been negative, but I plan on taking a test every morning until AF shows. Fingers crossed! I did think it was odd for me to O earlier than normal.. 

Hang in there.  Temps look good for now, and if O was actually a bit later than FF thinks, it could be another 3-4d before AF or a bfp show up.  And for another possibility, with "fertile" CM showing up on CD24 proceeding a temp drop, O could possibly even been as late as CD25 (although I'm still more inclined to think CD22).  Just curious: what were temps earlier in the cylce? the latest one I see is 97.3 on CD13, so what were the temps the previous 3-4d? BTW: I had HORRID acne starting 1dpo the month I got my bfp (hadn't been that bad in years), so that could be a good sign for you, too.

CD9 96.9 CD10 96.6 CD11 96.6 CD12 96.8   i should also add that I quit taking B6 half way through the cycle. I read that it could lead to breakouts, so I quit taking it. It normally helps acne, but I think I had an adverse reaction. I was hoping the EWCM I have had lately is a good sign as well! 

ive also had a ton of watery cm! i normally dry up before AF. Is this a good sign? 

.6 degree drop today. Looks like AF is on her way.