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chart/bbt help

Hi All, Im new to the site and wanted to know if i can get some help.  I have been ttc for a few months now and have done several inseminations after a miscarriage Feb 2016.  I bought the ClearBlue Advanced digital fertility monitor this past cycle and it gave me one hi day and then 2 peaks days immediately after on CD10/11.  My last af was 3/28 and i have a 31 day cycle so the calculators says i should not have ovulated until the 14th, however i got these two peaks days on this monitor as well as a "yes" on the FR digital opk.  I had the sharp twinges on my left side n the ewcm and all that around the 10th as well as these opks are signaling.  So i inseminated 10th and 11th.  I am now 11DPO and I am gettin bfn's although i had all the symptoms i did the last time i was preg last year, nausea, the tuggin, bloating, twinges at bottom of vjj (tmi) slight cramps throughout the day, etc. have not had any implantation bleeding and my cp is low and firm.  This is the first time i charted my bbt and thats what i want to get help on.  If i can figure out how to upload my chart, i was wondering if someone can let me know if they think i ovulated on the day the opks say because i cant tell by my bbt.  Also, if im not even getting a slight light line on the hpt test at 11DPO am i out?  My last pregnancy I got positive on 7DPO (i actually made a youtube live on it).  any help would be greatly appreciated......ive turned into a POAS aholic *sighs* Thanks and fx to everyone (i hope thats the right abreviation lol). -Kiki-