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hmmm im so disorganized! haha

getting there, getting there,...  all this testing and stuff for pre treatment... dragging my ass a bit really,  particular tests on particular days,.... a nightmare for someone as disorganized as me! you wouldnt think id be one to procrastinate like this after 3 years and  a recent first ever pregnancy/miscarriage but oh man the damn logistics is killing me,..haha!...Iv  only got my ultrasound done so far,...still need to get   fsh    amh  and whatever else tested........then he still needs to provide his magic baby junk for the almighty inspection, that should be no real dramas. then theres that pesky police check and  that "are you sure you wanna baby" counselling session we're obligated to attend.. by australian law anyway..  hilarious really. imagine if everyone had to  jump these baby hoops before conceiving, i bet some wouldnt pass! anyone  done ivf in melbourne australia?  how are you finding the experience?  tell me something ironic or u found funny af so far!!