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After paying a stupid amount for my "records" (aka the abbreviated amount of info they chose to release to me), I have finally washed my hands of my old RE clinic. We had a bit of a falling out some months ago after they refused to fill out a one page form for an ivf grant application, of which I had already submitted my portion (all 40 pages!) AND paid the entry fee for... but honestly that was just the last straw in a long string of my being unhappy with them, from their overburdened staff to their highly standardized, one-size-fits-all treatment protocols. I guess when you're the only RE clinic in the city you can work that way, but clearly it was not the place for me.

Over the months a lot of things have come together in various ways and, super long story short, we have a consultation scheduled with a highly rated clinic that offers mini ivf. Sure, it's in another city that's quite a drive from here, and sure, the whole consultation may be a bust, but for now it feels right. I've done a ton of research on mini ivf, which differs from standard ivf in that they use milder drugs to stimulate follicle growth and - bonus - without a lot of those pricier drugs, it costs a lot less. It is more in line with our particular situation (MFI) and my comfort level. As with any ART, it's still an expensive gamble, but we'll see what's what after we meet with the doctor. So far the staff has been great and very considerate of the fact that we're coming from out of town. Now I'm just waiting on the appointment date to roll around so we can see the proposed plan and the price tag and determine if this is doable or not. 

I'm making an effort to stay very grounded, flexible, and optimistic. When things get challenging I have a tendency to switch into "managing" mode (trying my best to control a situation, its outcomes, and my emotions about it), which works great for an issue at work or a crisis that needs quick action but doesn't at all work for something like this, which is at its core rife with emotion and unpredictable outcomes. I'm working to stay mindful, to be easy on myself (and others), and to embrace the opportunity over the outcome. 

If any of you are still out there who remember an old blogger like me, send some happy thoughts, prayers, good vibes, or baby dust my way. Whatever your personal preference, I will certainly appreciate it.

♡ Spazzle



Definitely sending good thoughts your way!! Glad you're switching even though I'm sad to hear they were so unhelpful...hoping this new clinic is a perfect fit for you!

Keeping fingers crossed for you. Glad to hear that you have found another option that you are more confortable with. Sounds as if your last RE was not a goot fit. *hugs*

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! That is such exciting news!! Make sure to do a health grade or similar review of that other place so new people looking for a clinic know! Oh my goodness. Such exciting news! Good luck!!!!!!

Best of luck spazzle! I've been following your blog for a couple years now and enjoy reading your updates and about your journey, which is relatable to many. I'm glad you are seeing a new RE and exploring new options. Sending luck and positive thoughts your way!

Man, so many familiar bloggers!!! Thank you all so much! :) I'm pretty excited. Our appointment isn't for another month, but just having something scheduled makes me feel hopeful.

I'm about to board it. holyshitballs. haha!  glad to be in the trenches with another old warhorse yaaay spazzle! xxx haha, I'm at the second appointment stage nearly after bloodwork nearly complete. I'm excited and anxious to get going. how are you these days spaz? sending my love, as always* love alexandra

I'm back on TWW and I had to go back through my tracking history to find out if you were still here Spazzle!! While I am so sad to hear that you are still waiting, I am so happy to see that you have found another place to go! Sending you lots of love, prayers, positivity and of course baby dust!! 

Spazzle, you probably don't remember me as I havent been on this side in almost 3 years but I randomly hop on here to check up on you. For some reason your journey always stuck with me. I wish you the best at the new clinic! I'll be looking for some updates :)

I'm thinking of you spazzle!  I always love to read your posts.  My DH and I are considering miniIVF if all fails for us.  I hope this works out for you!

Keep us updated, spazzle. I miss how active the blogs and comment sections used to be. Great to see familiar names pop up every once in a while. Sending you happy thoughts, prayers, good vibes, baby dust, and whatever else I can send you.