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Peak and is this a positive opk?

Hi, I just got my peak this morning on my CBAFM at 6am, I just took an opk at noon and wanted some advice; 1. is this a positive opk (pic is being uploaded) 2. if i dont get off until 4pm, with the times above for the peak and opk, will i miss my window to conceive?  I am doing at home insemination with donor sperm so i need to get timing right.  i wont be able to inseminate until 5pm. Any help pls?


Hi!  I am new to this journey but I was told by a friend that for an OPK to be positve, it has to be a stong positive whereas for a pregnancy test to be positive, it can be very faint.  Like I said, based on my little knowledge, I would say that is not a strong positive.  When I had mine, it was the same darkness as the control line.  Hopefully someone else will reply with more information.  Good luck!

that dark line is actually the test line, so its way darker then the control line, which is the faint line.  I think its positive.  Thanks for your response and GL to u too :-)