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Our IVF Adventure....kinda long but a good read :)

Oh man where to begin....well we started the journey for another little monster last September (2016). With our first little monster we tried on our own for a year and then found out my husband can't have kids - pretty much zero swimmers...lovely right :( So we found a donor and started the IUI process. I was tested and didn't come up with any issues so we thought this would be our best chance at having kids. It took 4 IUIs and fertility meds (150mg Clomid and trigger shot) before we had our positive result! Our monster was a mono-mono twin, sadly around 11 weeks we lost one of the boys. But our monster was thriving and doing great. 

He was 4 weeks early (36 weeks) but had stopped growing at 32 weeks - they tried to induce me but that didn't work so we ended up with a C-section after 11 hours of hard labor (no thank you). Turns out the cord had wrapped around his neck twice and he wasn't getting the nutrition that he needed which is why he stopped growing at 32 weeks. A stay in the NICU and now he's a crazy, rambunctious 17mo old :) 

So since September we have been on Clomid, Fermara and trigger shots. Had 5 failed IUIs and then thanks to my lovely insurance we were forced to move clinics to use our benefits. So at the new doctor she was shocked that we hadn't gotten pregnant yet on the doses of meds and the attempts. She had me go in for a little more testing and we found out that I have VERY low ovarian reserve and low quality eggs. 

We have gone from male factor infertility to both parties involved. I was crushed. What do we do now, we would love to have more kiddos and I loved being pregnant and I wanted to do that again. I am finally healthier and in a better place with work and family balance this is something that I wasn't ready to let go of. 

We started our IVF adventure in February (2017). Appointments, tracking and then priming meds, stim meds and now we are to transfer meds. 

I had my egg retrieval on May 2 - they retrieved 19 eggs, 12 were mature enough to go through the ICSI process (injecting sperm directly into the egg), 8 survived that process, day of transfer (May 7) we had one 4AA grade embryo that we used and possibly two others to freeze. 

I received a call the following day and the embryologist let me know that only one other embryo survived and it is a grade 2 lower quality. So this is really our shot right now. I have a beta test on Tuesday (5/16) to see it this little one set up camp and will be part of our family soon or if we will be looking into plan b. 

It's hard to be hopeful when you have been in this wait so many times with the outcome of - negative. But it's hard not to be hopeful because it is something you've been praying for and wanting.

So, here's to IVF attempt #1 - One and done...who knows :) 


Good luck to everyone - I really hope and pray that we all see two lines sooner than later! 


That was a good read. I haven't been through IUI or IVF so can't even imagine what you're going through. The positivity you have is wonderful though. Best of luck with round 1! Will b looking out for an update!! Hope baby is a sticky one!! 

Good read, I hope this one is a sticky one! I know it's hard with setbacks and BFN's but when you can, enjoy the journey. Lots of baby dust :) 

Please let us know the results!  I read your post and I'd love to hear the news.