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Help with chart reading?

Hello! This is my first time to post but I want to say thank you to everyone because I have explored this site so much to find answers and a community going through the same things, this place is wonderful.

I uploaded my chart and I'd love some opinions on what you think is going on!  I got a pretty big dip on 8 DPO and I thought for sure that was the dip that signifies my period is coming soon.  I thought it was pretty early and even got a little worried that my lutheal phase is way too short.  Then it went back up...but not all the way up.  Any ideas?



Also, I have recently started a blog on trying to conceive if anyone is interested, check it out!  A lot of people have said they like how honest and open I am.  I was a bit out of my comfort zone but I am really enjoying it so far.

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