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TWW and getting anxious

I think I'm in the TWW...My cycles are around 40 days long (which means I have less cycles per year, kinda sux).  We BD'd on the right days, I think, and I am supposed to get AF sometime next week.  

I want us to get pregnant on our own this time.  No medications, no blood draws, no hormone checks, no probes in my hoo-ha, no counting the days and disappointment after disappointment.  

I am so anxious this time around because I know that we tried REALLY hard this month, even after work and we're exhausted we managed to BD every day during the fertile period and EOD after that.  

Please send prayers and hopes.  We need a little love from all.




Sending baby dust your way!!!! Good luck!!!

Awww I'm really hoping this is your month!!! Keep us posted!! Fxd for you!!