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This is my first cycle trying something different. I am currently on CD12. I have endometriosis and ovarian cysts. Never been pregnant nor have I ever seen a positive opk. However, my cycles come every 26 days. This cycle I started Evening Primrose Oil and Vitex. I started testing for ovulation on CD9. All were negative until yesterday (CD11) around 1pm, where I got the strongest positive on a wondfo. Didn't have time to BD. So this morning (CD12) around 430am, we BD with Preseed, and BD again around 12pm with Preseed. Around 1pm I tested again and got another strong positive (not as strong as yesterda, but still positive.) But I am afraid that because I got my strongest positive yesterday early in the afternoon and did not BD until this morning at 430, that we may have missed the egg :( it is said that you ovulate within 12-24 hours from your first positive opk. Do you ladies think I missed it or do I still have a chance???


You definitely still have a chance.  The strong positive is tells you that ovulaiton should happen in 12-72 hours.  Hopefylly it will be on the latter end of the time frame for you this month.  You should still be BDing today and tomorrow for sure!  Do you track your BBT?  If so, that will tell you when you ovulated so you have a good idea to know if you had sex at the ideal times.  Good luck!

I think you've still got a chance! :)