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Well, today was hard to get started on my weight loss journey. Thankfully I had IdealLean Preworkout the pinapple flavored one. I really love the IdealLean line. The flavors are tolerable and I gain energy from drinking it. I mowed the lawn in the back today for 45 minutes. The grass was so thick I about died. By the end I think I was dehydrated since I got overly heated from the sun and I got dizzy. Sat down and drank water and that seemed to have helped. I then drank the IdealLean BCAAs line for muscle recovery. The flavor I tried today was orange paradise. My only complaint is though there is no sugar in their product it is still overly sweet. I just add extra water. I am looking into some IdealLean recipes.

Note: I am going to be brave and post my beginning fat picture.

Here are my beginning stats for future reference:

Weight (lbs):

186.5 lbs


 Chest (inches):



Waist (inches):



 Belly Button (inches):



Glutes (inches):



 Right Thigh (inches):



 Right Calf (inches):



 Right Arm (inches):